NEWS 2019

Free Glute Program Week 2

Free Glute Program Week 2- Workout 1 Barbell Squat- Normal Stanceadd weight every set and go back down in pyramid format1 set x 15 reps1 set x 12 reps1 set x 10 reps1 set x 8 reps1 set x 10 reps1...

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Rula Fit Ambassador Program

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM LOVE OUR STORE? WANT TO PROMOTE OUR PRODUCTS AND EARN REWARDS? We are looking for social media ambassadors and bloggers to help promote our brand and products. WHAT IS AN AMBASSADOR? An ambassador is a person or company with a website,...

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Free Booty Workout For The Perfect Peach Butt!

Warm up:- Foam Roll legs for at least 5 minutes. Make sure to hit Hamstrings, Quadriceps, IT Band,Calves, Glute (booty), and back. Basically front of leg, back of leg, & back- Stair master for 5-8 minutes (decide at your digression)-...

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