How to Achieve the Right Mindset For ANY Type of Goal.


how to achieve the right mindset

How to Achieve the Right Mindset to Embark on Your Fitness Journey?

The first day of the New Year always witnesses the most enthusiastic and jam-packed crowd in the local gyms. Is it clichéd? Yes? But, at the same time oh-so true! Whether an individual is big on planning their lives and the year ahead or not, gym goals are something that naturally occurs to everyone’s mind as soon as anything remotely closer to a healthy lifestyle is mentioned. Hence the New Year weight loss goals are a universal thing.

So, the gym visits that start oh-so-enthusiastically from the commencement of New Year on January 1st, eventually fizzle down to dragged heartless boredom forced routine that eventually leads one into completely giving up on workout by the end of January. Here comes February, and most people are already back to their stationary lifestyles sans fitness confidence or the right and active mindset of working out to stay fit and active.

Legends have maintained that thinking is half doing. That is to say, if you have firmly decided to do something, you have already conquered half the journey. The journey of health and fitness is no different. All it requires on your part is a sound mindset, willingness, discipline and commitment to stick to your gym goals. If you are feeling a little lack lustre in coming up with your fitness goals of the year, establishing the right mindset is the basic thing you can start with. And, here are some ways that have been proven excellent time and again in helping people achieve their yearly fitness goals.

#1 Consistency is the Key

Not giving up on your daily workout plan is the way to begin. If you have decided that 2019 would finally be the year when you get back in shape; burn some fat; build up some muscles; and generally achieve overall mental and physical fitness, you have to consistently work for it. Of course there would be days when getting up and leaving bed early for a morning run would sound awful or hitting the gym after a tiresome 9 to 5 routine would be a buzzkill, but that is when you have to factor in the power of mind and firmly tell yourself to stick to the plan and just do it! There should never be any off days except for maybe weekends, if that is what you initially plan with your fitness trainer.

#2 Get a Fitness Trainer

Now unless you are a celebrity making millions of bucks each month based on your appearances, chances are you can get away without having to hire a well-trained fancy fitness trainer and dedicated diet planner. The secret to fitness is no secret at all. There is no secret sauce, you just have to eat healthy and keep yourself active. However, if you have battled with inconsistencies in the past and seriously looking forward to bring discipline and order in your life, hiring a fitness trainer might be really helpful. He would be responsible for coming up with personalized workout plans for you, keep you interested and motivated so you don’t give up.

#3 Find Your Calling

Find a physical activity that you enjoy and make a workout out of it. Take grocery shopping for instance. Instead of using your car to drive down the grocery store, jog towards it in the morning. If you enjoy swimming, make it your constant. Get that treadmill in your living room and hit it as you binge-watch one episode of YOU after the other on Netflix. Just try and convert your workout routine into your ‘me time’ and you would never want to miss it.

#4 Be Kind to Yourself

Whatever you do to stay fit, don’t push yourself too hard. If you overdo it in the enthusiasm and adrenaline rush for the first few days, your workout enthusiasm would drop to zero in no time. Set small realistic goals. If you have been immobile up till now, start with a routine of only 30 minutes of brisk walk a day, and when you successfully keep up with it for straight two weeks, reward yourself with a new dress, a book, or anything you desire.

#5 Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Food

Your fitness journey is incomplete without rectifying your relationship with food. Yes, it is absolutely essential to take a balanced diet if you want to maintain a sound mind and body but in this age of pseudo digital wisdom where social media notoriously causes you to develop a troubled relationship with food, it is essential to recognize the worth of all food groups. Unless you are allergic, don’t eliminate anything from your diet. Eat in moderation then burn it off in moderation. Don’t associate ‘guilt’ with indulging in the food you like and keeping up healthy eating habits would be easier.

#6 Track Your Progress

Once you have maintained your momentum, fitness confidence would follow itself. That’s when you should remember to keep tabs on your fitness record for it is easier to get bored of the monotonous of everyday routine. But if you are working towards something and seeing its results from day 1 to day 30 and then day 30 to day 60, you would get this new rush of adrenaline and resurgence of your spirits and motivation and following a fitness routine would become more thrilling and fun.

#7 Keep a Positive Mindset

As we said before, it all starts with an idea, with a plan and with the right mindset. Keep your eyes on the prize when you embark on this fitness journey. You would have your fair share of highs and lows as you intend to keep up with the workout regime and healthy lifestyle, just don’t let yourself get distracted in the middle. Believe in the power of mind and positive thinking. Tell yourself that you can achieve whatever fitness goals you set for yourself and you might as well.

Remember, it all just begins with the right mindset! Actions are always followed by ideas.

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